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Vishal Food & Catering @ Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

As a popular tourist spot, Brickfields is known for its roadside stalls, hawker food and commercial restaurants catering to those who work around KL Sentral, neighbouring communities and traveller. If you’re looking for a good Banana Leaf Rice eatery around this area, Vishal Food & Catering Restaurant would be worth checking out even if you’re not working around Brickfields.

Aside from Sri Nirwana Maju and Devi’s Corner, Vishal is quite possibly the most recognized Banana Leaf Rice establishments in Kuala Lumpur. The place gets extremely crowded beyond lunch hours as hundreds of people come to get fed. Another reason Vishal can get too crowded is because the restaurant is quite small compared to other popular Banana Leaf Rice places.

A typical Banana Leaf Rice here served with 3 vegetable cost RM6. Price isn’t expensive but not considered cheap either – especially for the vegetable spread we received. While the restaurant rotates its vegetable spread daily, on this particular day the spread was uninspiring and disappointing.

Three types of curries are given for you to drench as much as you like. Fish curry is highly recommended here as it’s spicy and flavoursome. If you have low heat tolerant do opt for the chicken or dhal albeit not as delicious but still pretty good.

The Chicken Varuval (RM6.50) was no doubt delicious. The meat was fork-tender and succulent and had rich flavours from the marinated spices. Much like any Banana Leaf Rice joint, portion was at the smaller size. Nonetheless, this Chicken Varuval is a MUST TRY for first timers.

Sadly we were deprive of the mandatory Rasam and Papadum as the waiters were too busy and couldn’t pay much attention to us.

The food at Vishal is certainly good and would consider it as an affordable Banana Leaf Rice spot in Kuala Lumpur. One thing Vishal could improve on was the service as they seemed understaff and things seemed chaotic. It took the waiters more than 10 minutes to serve us Banana Leaf Rice and another 10 minutes to serve us gravies for our white rice.

More Info

Vishal Food & Catering
No. 22, Jalan Scott,
Off Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 7.00AM – 11.00PM


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