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NOOKS by Baker Dave (Revisit) @ Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Nooks by Baker Dave is one of our favourite cafes to visit in the Klang Valley. This is mainly because dining here always gives out warm and relaxing vibes. More importantly, you will be served by locals or by the owner, Mr David himself. A revisit to Nooks by Baker Dave last weekend was a pleasant one as food and service quality was still up to par.

One of our favourite dishes here is Spicy Carbonara (RM21) and it tasted just as delicious as it was a year ago. While the pasta sauce by itself was already creamy, the creative addition of raw egg yolk gave out an even more rich and thick flavours.

We were incredibly surprise on how generous the café was with the toppings. There were loads of ham, shitake mushroom and cheese all mixed in their spicy creamy sauce. For someone who doesn’t fancy pasta dishes, we have to concede that this is seriously delicious.

For something fun, try the Jenga French Toast (RM21.90) which is basically homemade toast with some seasonal fruits, drizzled in maple syrup. While this dish takes French Toast to a whole new level and provides some interesting Instagram pictures, it was pretty basic. That’s not to say it was bad, it’s just a pretty normal dish. But if you fancy simple-tasting food, then you might like this.

Another dish that we truly enjoyed was the Affogato Waffle (RM16.90). The texture of the waffle is soft and chewy and it went well with the thick espresso flavours mixed in vanilla ice cream.  The portion is suitable for 1 pax.

The stunning Passion Fruit Yogurt (RM15.90) incorporates the unique combination flavours of yogurt, granola, honey and passion fruit (imported by the owner’s farm). This dessert is all about the textures and strong yogurt flavours in every bite. It might not be suitable for those who prefer smooth dessert textures, but we found the dish to be pretty good.


Needless to say it was a pleasant revisit experience. It warms our hearts to see that Nooks by Baker Dave continues to strive in business while having very little online media coverage. Yes, as of writing this review, you will never find crappy Chinese FB page promoting this awesome café. This proves that good food sells and it attracts all sorts of diners, from Malays, to Chinese and even expats.

While prices are on the higher side as most cafes are, Nooks by Baker Dave backs it up with their quality, no MSG, and top notch service.

More Info

Nooks by Baker Dave
Plaza Damas 3,
C-0-6, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Cuisine: Western/Fusion
Operating Hours:
8.00AM – 7.00PM, closed Sundays

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