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You Can Try Tandoori Pork Ribs At This First Porkilicious Indian Restaurant In KL

Meat The Porkers had always been on our MUST TRY Indian restaurant list. Fortunately for us, the founder Mr. Herukh recently invited us to sample some of the restaurant’s classic as well as some new dishes.

If we are not mistaken, Meat The Porkers is the first Porky Indian restaurant in Malaysia and possibly Southeast Asia. Think of the place to get your pork craving fixed, Indian style. Mr. Herukh is also the brain behind the popular Fierce Curry House which is why we knew the food here is going to be freaking delicious.

Mr. Herukh explained to us on how each pork cuts are carefully selected to compliment the nature of a particular dish. Simply put, Meat The Porkers does not simply add pork in Indian dishes just for the sake of being unique. Instead, multiple research and development is done before selecting a pork cut for a particular dish.

The Tandoori Pork Ribs (RM48) is a perfect example of Meat The Porkers executing a porky infused dish perfectly. The pork ribs was quite tender and well marinated, we can even taste the strong tandoori flavours inside the pork’s flesh. We thought this was one of the best dishes in the restaurant as we enjoy the well marinated flavours and tenderness of the pork ribs.

While the Tandoori Pork Ribs was flavourful on its own, it is still served with traditional mint sauce, homemade tamarind sauce and shredded coconut.

Unlike most tandoori dishes in restaurant, the tandoori pork ribs at Meat The Porkers are freshly roasted in the clay oven upon ordering. This will ensure the tandoori flavours is fresh well marinated inside the flesh.

We were told by Mr. Herukh that Tandoori Pork Ribs was one of the hardest dishes to get right. The rib doesn’t stay on the metal stick while coking in the tandoori oven, hence a potato is impaled at the edge of the metal to ensure the ribs stays on the stick while cooking.

Of course, to complete Tandoori experience we had their Bacon Cheese Naan (RM15). This is yet another dish where pork-infusion done right. The bacon and cheese adds much needed dept and flavours. The naan was delightfully tasty and amazingly crispy just the way we love it.

One of the most known dish is Siew Yoke Biryani Rice (RM28) which went viral last year due to its uniqueness. Thanks to the viral effect and taste to back it up, this dish is still going strong today.  Taste-wise, the rice was fluffy and aromatic as it was infused with strong spices. The siew yoke was tender and was well-infused in the biryani flavours.

The crispy part of siew yoke was served separately to avoid it from turning soggy during the cooking process. Overall, we were satisfied with the Siew Yoke Briyani and we could see why it is so popular.

Palak Paneer (RM22) and Pork Rogan Josh (RM28) was pretty alright as well. We loved the addition of feta cheese as it blended well with the Palak Paneer’s consistency. The Pork Rogan Josh was a little too spicy to our liking but still quite flavourful.

Another gravy-based dish we had was the Butter Pork (RM30). Taste-wise, this was one of the dish we’ve tried in Meat the Porkers. The pork was cooked to perfection with roasted tomato, butter and spices which resulted in a thick and creamy texture. It was mildly spicy and just one sip of this amazing gravy was enough to tantalize our taste buds.

As a part of their new menu, Meat the Porkers is introducing a number of Mexican influenced dishes such as Chicken 65 Tacos (RM30).

In hindsight we probably should have gotten the porky taco instead of chicken. Anyway, the Chicken 65 Taco is stuffed with boneless chicken, chunks of homemade sauce and Mexican tomato salsa. We found the chicken to be nicely seasoned and cooked well as it was quite tender and flavourful.

More Info 

Meat The Porkers
D1-G3-5 Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.

Cuisine: Indian/Indian Fusion
Operating Hours: 12.00PM – 3.30PM, 6.00PM – 10.30PM, closed Tuesdays

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