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Bintang Revolving Restaurant @ The Federal Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang

Bintang Revolving Restaurant is one of the many restaurants nestled high above the skylines in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Bintang Revolving Restaurant stands out from the rest as its Malaysia’s first revolving restaurant. Situated up in the 18th floor of The Federal Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Bintang Revolving Restaurant overlooks KL Tower and Twin Tower and offers an overall panoramic view of skylines in the city.

Revolving simply means that the restaurant makes a 360 degree rotation every 45 minutes hence you’ll get a full 360 degree view of the city’s skylines no matter where you sit. We were recently invited from the management in The Federal Kuala Lumpur Hotel to do a review on Bintang Revolving Restaurant and we can say the restaurant one of the best restaurants we’ve reviewed.

Since Bintang Revolving Restaurant offers fine dining with a view and revolving experience, the prices are expected to be higher.

As usual we started off the meal with 2 appetizers which are Caesar Salad and Avocado Crab Meat Salad.

Bintang Revolving Caesar Salad (RM33), expect lettuce, crispy beef streaky, chopped egg, anchovies and smoked salmon, all presented beautifully.

The Avocado Crab Meat Salad (RM30) was a real winner here, the overall dish was simple and pleasant but it was the fresh crab meat and creamy avocado flavours that stood out.

For soups we had the Wild Mushroom Soup (RM23) which comes with a mix of wild mushrooms and herbs. There’s nothing much to shout about as it tasted just like any other mushroom soups out there, except with a much thicker consistency.

But for those who are adventurous, you can try the Provencal Creamy Lobster Bisque (RM28). Although the lobster flavours could be stronger, this soups was still creamy and delicious, seafood lovers will rejoice this soup.

The Bintang Revolving Chicken Maryland (RM45) is fried chicken chop served with fried banana fritters, grilled corn and tomato. The chicken batter wasn’t thick and the meat was juicy so it was a pleasure to enjoy.

The Grilled Mustard Rack of Lamb (RM65) features thick Lamb Racks that is marinated with rosemary. The dish was served with black pepper sauce and baked potato, the meat was flavourful and delicious, although it was little bit chewy. The dressing was peculiarly good however the lamb on its own was already delicious.

Spaghetti with Prawn Creamy Salted Egg (RM45) was a pasta that’s bursting with strong salted egg flavours and it comes with a decent amount fresh prawns. This dish is a perfect example of fusion done right! The unique combination of Salted Egg and Spaghetti cooked with bird’s eye chilli and curry leaves cooked in carbonara style was fantastic. If you’re someone who loves salted egg flavour then you’ll definitely love this dish, be warn as it can get a little too spicy.

Fish and Seafood (RM68) features Salmon Fillet on barley seeds & baby spinach – the salmon was thick, tender and moist. It was well cooked as the salmon skin was crisp and gave an overall enjoyable eating experience. Although the veggies were not memorable, that’s not a bad thing as the start of this dish was the salmon and rightfully so.

We didn’t care for the Charcoal Chicken Burger Deluxe (RM30) as it was a pretty forgettable dish, just another regular chicken burger with charcoal buns. The fries on the side were a little disappointing as it was thick and starchy. Nonetheless the portion size was huge, but in terms of flavours there is nothing to boast about.

We ended our meal with Doughnut with Single Scoop Ice Cream & Chocolate Topping (RM22). Although we aren’t big fans of doughnuts, this dish was surprisingly superb. It’s a unique twist to the usual brownie and ice cream and a creative one indeed. The doughnuts were soft and well baked, it compliments nicely with the vanilla ice cream.


All in all, Bintang Revolving Restaurant was a huge hit. Most of the dishes here are pretty delicious, couple that with good service and a beautiful 360 degree view of the skylines in the city, Bintang Revolving Restaurant is an eatery which we will be visiting again very soon.

More Info:

Bintang Revolving Restaurant
The Federal Kuala Lumpur,
Bukit Bintang Street,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Cuisine: Fine Dining
Operating Hours: Nightly, 5:00PM – 12:00AM


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