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5 Tips To Positively Stay Motivated Throughout The Day

Happiness and positivity movement is in full gear this 2020. Who doesn’t want to live and work with optimism, focus, and balance and steer clear of fear, stress, and worry? 

If you’re like us and you’re always looking for that positive edge to cope with a packed schedule, uncertain plans and unsuspected curveballs that life throws your way, check out these five pick-me-ups that will keep you motivated throughout your day no matter what challenges comes your way.

These are our 5 Tips To Positively Stay Motivated Throughout The Day

1. Workout With Your #FitFam

Fun cardio activities such as hula hoops, cycling, dancing, or a brisk walk in the park work wonders on your body and help refresh your day. Always wanted to try out HIIT, kickboxing or spin classes? Time to rope your best fitness pals and try them out together.

2. Reflect & Evaluate

Time is passing by faster than ever because we have more things that preoccupy us. It’s easy to take things for granted when you’re busy. Jotting down your daily small wins will definitely help you see things in a different light and build more positive energy.

3. Take a break and woosah!

We live in a world, where everything is designed to steal your attention which makes it a challenge to find a peaceful moment for yourself. You’ll be surprised with how much a quick 10-15 minute break will set your mind in the right direction. 

Give meditation a shot, or refresh yourself with Heineken® 0.0. It’s a perfect drink anytime of day, such as during lunch or at the gym.

4. Get your greens in

A healthy lifestyle is about a lot more than calories in vs calories out. Where your food comes from is just as (or more) important. Greens as you know it gives you greater energy. The fiber in green veggies eliminates toxins and waste which helps you get more energy to do your day to day tasks. They also prevent age-related memory loss and improve cognitive and brain function. So, get yo’ greens in! 

Last year Heineken launched its de-alcoholised beer Heineken 0.0, catering for more health-conscious consumers. With only 53 calories per 250ml bottle, that is less than half the calories in a usual bottle of its alcoholic counterpart. So if you’re a regular alcohol drinker but can’t live without one while calorie-counting, this may be your new favourite drink.

5. Do something out of the ordinary

Yes, we know you have that favourite cafe but this year, take a drive around town (or maybe slightly further out!) and you’ll discover that there are actually many new places to explore. You’d be surprised at how much you find along the way. The people, the inspiration and the much needed break. 

Developing these habits requires determination, patience and effort. Maybe it’ll take just a few weeks or maybe more than a year, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to build the habit as long as you don’t give up. 

While you’re on a roll to inject these tips into your daily schedules, grab yourself a Heineken® 0.0. A refreshing way to kick start this journey with this perfectly balanced de-alcoholised beer that is brewed with 100% natural ingredients and has only 53 calories per 250ml serving!

Now pull up your socks, it’s time to win at life! 


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