7 Secret Islands To Visit In Malaysia Where You Can Escape The Crowds

When you think of island in Malaysia, you thought about Pulau Redang or Pulau Tioman, but there are way more destinations that comes with beautiful and pristine beaches which are suitable for holiday getaway.

Living in Malaysia, we’re spoiled for choice with many holiday destinations. Keep on reading through as we unveil the 7 secret island in Malaysia.

1. Pulau Sibu

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Pulau Sibu is about a one hour drive from Johor Bahru which has gently slopping beaches that are perfect for swimming. Aside from that, there are many coral reefs with perfectly clear water.

2. Pulau Rawa

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Pulay Rawa is a small and secluded island which is just a stone’s throw away from Singapore. There are daily ferries from Mersing Jetty to this island and its only an hour away.  In other words, going here is all about relaxing.

3. Pulau Tenggol

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Pulau Tenggol is famous for its underwater sights, such as sharks and rays making it popular among divers. It is an island located off the coast of Terengganu and it can be accessed using a ferry from Dungun.

4. Pulau Kapas

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Set in the South China Sea, this 2km by 1km island is a tiny beauty. Pulau Kapas means ‘Island Cotton’. The name is derived from the white sand beaches. There are a variety of dive spots here, including a World War 2 shipwreck. Pulau Kapas can be reached by taking a ferry from Marang, Terengganu.

5. Pulau Layang Layang

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It is also known as Shallow Reef Island and it is often described as being in the middle of nowhere. It is close to a Malaysian naval base and most visitors take a flight in from Kota Kinabalu. The island has gained recognition as a destination for scuba divers.

6. Pulau Tiga

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This paradise island was formed after a volcanic eruption back in 1897, and to this day, warm mud bubbles form geometric vents around the island. These warm mud bubbles are actually very popular among visitors as they now use it as an authentic outdoor spa (soak your whole body in it).

The fastest way to get here is by chartering a speed boat from Kota Kinabalu and cruise to Pulau Tiga. Or otherwise, you could also fly to Labuan and charter a speed boat from Labuan itself to the island.

7. Pulau Gemia

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Located at Terengganu, Pulau Gemia is a tiny, privately owned island which is located not far away from Pulau Kapas. The island has virgin forests and a rocky coastline that makes for very interesting photographs. If you are lucky, you might catch sight of colorful sea creatures and even baby turtles.

To get to this island, you will need to head over to the jetty located in Marang, Terengganu.


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